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Rodney's Titties Rodney's Titties

Rated 3 / 5 stars

holy shit!

that's some impressive compression! that whole song in less than 150kb! you gotta tell me how you pulled that off

Dug00 responds:

It's really not a problem, Flash can be a very efficient program (file size) if used properly. The song is streamed so it takes up NO download time. The trick is to keep your graphics to a minimum especially in the beginning of the movie allowing the stream to get ahead of the graphics download. This movie doesn't really need a preloader. It will load on connection speeds of much lower than 56 without any load time. I will be glad to discuss tips and tricks on keeping down your file sizes, with anyone interested. I am stuck on dial up. I can't view over half of the content on Newgrounds because of the large file sizes. Something you Flash designers should think about, large file sizes and or poor design eliminate a large percentage of your viewing audience. waa waa crybaby, Stuck on dial up

Drugs Drugs

Rated 0 / 5 stars

"...poisoning their brainwashed minds"

Excuses to attack Iraq---

A) U.N. resolutions : The USA is not the UN. If one member of the U.N. vetos, then that's that. Those are the rules the U.N. made for itself, and it will follow those rules. If the UN sets resolutions, only the UN as an organization has a right to enforce them.

B) Iraq has weapons of destruction: We have the largest arsenals of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons on the planet. We are the ONLY country in history to use an atomic bomb as an offensive measure, we're the most irresponsible owners of W.M.D on earth, I don't think we have right to tell people not to have them.

C) I hate Arabs: If you honestly go by that, you should be on the other end of the gun

D) We want to eliminate the middle-man and get oil directly from Iraq for practically free: At least you're being honest

E) Protect human rights in Iraq: Ok, then why didn't we help Tibet when china invaded and killed 2 million of them, more people than Saddam has killed in his entire carreer, and China has been killing and torturing them ever since.

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mechobo74 responds:

Why do you even try?!

Biosect (no war) Biosect (no war)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dont mind the blam...

It's probably gonna get blammed. But you have it right. Make a new movie, keep the same message, more power to you!

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Virtual Journalist Virtual Journalist

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hell yeah!

A fun little exercise;;;
Watch that speech Bush gave about a week ago, and replace every instance of him saying "Weapons of Mass Destruction" with "Sandwitches" You'll get exactly the same amount of information from him, if not more. Or better yet, take out every repeated statement, it'll turn his 50 minute speech into a 5 minute memo.

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